The Alabama Natural Gas Association, a non profit organization, was incorporated in the State of Alabama on September 16, 1966.

ANGA has a rich history of great leadership and we look forward to a great future.  The ANGA Board of Directors and membership will continue promoting the natural gas industry through a well trained work force dedicated to safety and customer service along with an increased long-term demand for natural gas through a unified statewide marketing strategy.

Organizational Objectives

The purpose and objectives of the corporation are:

  • To promote the natural gas industry.
  • To collect and disseminate management, sales and technical information and data among members of the corporation relating to the sale and distribution of gas and its use and the sale of gas appliances and equipment and their uses.
  • To compile and publish such information as may be desirable and advisable to promote safety in the sales and distribution of gas and its use by the public.
  • To sponsor and conduct conferences, schools and programs that inform and train personnel of the gas industry.
  • To do any and all lawful things necessary or desirable to foster government understanding to, confidence in and cooperation with the gas industry.


  • What makes natural gas heat better?
    Heat from a natural gas furnace comes out of the register at 110-125 degrees, up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump, bringing warmth and comfort to your home much more quickly.  And research has shown that gas furnaces last longer than heat pumps and that new furnaces with high energy efficiency ratings can save customers more energy than ever.  To learn more about gas heat, find your local provider by clicking here.
  • Why are natural gas water heaters better?
    Natural gas heaters deliver a 30% higher First Hour Rating (FHR) than electric water heaters.  A First Hour Rating is the amount of hot water per hour (in gallons) a heater can supply when starting with a full tank.  So, because of the faster heater recovery and superior heat distribution of a natural gas water heater, you can relax and enjoy your shower without worrying about running out of hot water.  Plus it works in storms and bad weather.  For more information on natural gas water heaters, locate your local provider by clicking here.
  • Why is natural gas cooking better?
    With an electric range it can take several minutes for the burner to reach the temperature you want.  A natural gas range heats up instantly, letting you precisely adjust the heat to any level you like.  If you ask any professional chef who has prepared meals for hundreds or any grandmother who has ever baked a pie, they’ll tell you they prefer natural gas cooking, mainly because it gives them control.  To cook like the pros do, find your local natural gas provider by clicking here.
  • What are the benefits of natural gas logs
    A natural gas log fireplace burns more cleanly than wood and is easier to operate.  Instead of lugging cumbersome logs around, simply hit a remote and instantly there’s a fire in your fireplace.  And should you need to leave the house, turning off your fire is as easy as pressing a button.  Also, natural gas logs are a reliable heat source during severe weather.  To learn about switching to natural gas logs, find your local provider by clicking here.
  • Why is a natural gas generator a good idea?
    Natural-gas powered generators keep your critical electrical appliances up and running-even when bad weather causes the electrical service to fail.  Something every family can appreciate during Alabama’s frequent storms and high winds.  And today, natural gas generators are more affordable than ever.  It’s the reliable backup energy source more and more families are turning to.  To get more information on dependable natural gas generators, find your local provider by clicking here.
  • Is natural gas a reliable energy source for my home?
    Since natural gas is delivered directly into your home, it’s there whenever you need it.  Gas lines are almost never affected by storms or high winds, because they are underground.  Even during severe weather, you can cook on your natural gas range, enjoy a hot shower, and heat your home with cozy gas logs.  So while storms may be an inconvenience, you can still live in comfort.  For a more dependable energy source, locate your natural gas provider by clicking here.
  • How is natural gas good for the USA?
    Virtually all of the natural gas used in the USA comes from sources right here in North America, reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources, with the added benefit of creating jobs right here in the United States.  Find your local natural gas provider by clicking here.
  • Why is natural gas better for the environment?
    When you’re thinking about the environment, it’s good to consider not only how clean your energy source is, but how efficiently it reaches your home. Natural gas provides the best of both worlds-it’s not only the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, but converting it to useable energy at your home is far more efficient than the way in which electricity is produced. When fuel is converted to useable energy at a power plant, it has to be delivered over lengthy power lines, which can result in line loss-meaning less energy from the same amount of fuel.