Natual Gas Supply Coordinator, Huntsville Utilities

Job Title: Natural Gas Supply Coordinator Job Code: 42-015 Req# 1261
Open: 10/15/2020 Closes: 10/22/2020 (Internal) # of Positions: 1
Open: 10/15/2020 Closes: 11/05/2020 (External)

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Salary Range/Grade: $69,664 Grade 5
Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt
Benefits: Yes
Employment Type: Full-Time
Department: Gas Supply

Job Statement:
Administers all gas supply contracts and verifies all invoices for the department related to the purchase and
sale of natural gas. Implements daily and long-term plan to determine system supply and capacity
requirements for natural gas. Coordinates daily plans with Senior Natural Gas Supply Coordinator and
Budget and Rates Director. Works directly with any supply agents, commodity traders, producers, suppliers
and pipeline transportation and storage service providers to ensure these requirements are met.

Essential Duties:
1. Plans for and procures adequate natural gas supply to meet Huntsville Utilities’ (HU) system demand.
Includes analyzing daily consumption, base load requirements, projected growth, environmental and
natural gas market conditions.
2. Develops and monitors the gas supply strategy in accordance with HU policies and subject to the
Natural Gas Purchasing Procedures. Communicates regularly with the Gas Purchasing Committee
(GPC) to understand organizational goals during the development of the gas supply strategy and
provides regular updates on purchasing activity, opportunities and risks.
3. Monitors executed New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) futures supply positions, evaluates
and informs the GPC of any financial exposure to any unhedged positions.
4. Understand HU’s natural gas rate components and advises the GPC of the effect of commodity
purchase prices on customer rates.
5. Schedules and manages natural gas with suppliers and pipelines as needed to meet system
requirements; notifies Systems Operations of scheduled gas flows and communicates any necessary
adjustments; coordinates usage and balancing with the gas pipelines.
The duties and responsibilities outlined within this job description should not be construed as a complete and exhaustive list, as
it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of this position. With the agreement of the VP EE, HRD,
Compensation Analyst, or his/her designee, these duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time by addition,
deletion or modification to reflect changing circumstances or shifts in organizational requirements.
6. Ensures that HU maintains an appropriate selection of contracts with reputable suppliers to provide
firm and reliable natural gas supplies. Maintains professional customer relationships and acts in
accordance with the HU Purchasing policy.
7. Accounts for all natural gas purchases and consumption by providing detailed documentation needed
for accounting, internal controls and establishing valid usage references.
8. Stays abreast of natural gas market data, long-term forecasts, industry developments, FERC rulings
and regulations, current pipeline rate cases and other relevant information to make educated
purchasing decisions.
9. Assists natural gas rates consultants with a cost of service study to determine if HU rates are costbased,
satisfy expected revenue requirements and are in line with the rates of peer utilities.
10. Prepares the annual HU natural gas revenue and purchased commodity budgets for the organization.
Prepares the Gas Supply operating expense and capital budgets. May be called upon to assist with
other budget or rates activities or analysis.
11. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

Education/Training/Certification: A bachelor’s degree in a finance, mathematical or procurement related
discipline is required.

Experience: Must have at least three 3 years of prior work experience, with references, in a natural gas
commodity purchasing/marketing position with a utility, energy company, natural gas marketer or supplier
who sells and distributes gas to wholesale consumers such as regulated natural gas distribution companies
and/or municipal gas companies. Must be experienced with current natural gas physical and commodity
markets. Must understand fundamentals of the natural gas industry including knowledge of
production/supply issues, pipeline transmission infrastructure and distribution. Requires in-depth knowledge
of natural gas purchasing techniques, including use of financial trading tools common to commodity pricing.
Must be able to independently manage daily operations and to address critical operational issues; must be
familiar with pipeline transmission systems and general distribution issues in order to manage gas supply
effectively. Requires knowledge of distribution rate design and cost allocation. Must be proficient in the use
of computers/software to obtain instant and accurate price listings, to track inventory levels, to process orders
and to help determine when to make purchases.

Equipment: Standard desktop/laptop workstation. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
is required.

Travel: To stay abreast of industry and market trends and to network with buyers, suppliers and pipeline
personnel, this position does require an above average amount of travel for conferences, seminars and
training across the continental United States. As a result, some degree of travelling by commercial flights is
expected as well as local or regional travel by automobile.
Physical Demands/Environmental Conditions: Primarily sedentary activity in office environment is
expected. Occasional field work involving very light physical exertion and infrequent exposure to inclement

Other: Must possess excellent written, verbal and presentation communication skills. Technical writing
and brokerage experience a plus. Strong analytical background required. Must be available to be on-call
weekends and after hours.

Job Specific Competencies:
1. Acting Strategically
2. Coordinating Project Activities
3. Creating and Maintaining Networks
4. Demonstrating Initiative
5. Managing Risk
6. Solving Complex Problems