Gas System Trainee, City of Calera, AL



Job Title:       Gas System Trainee

Department:  Public Works – Gas

Job Description Prepared:      March 2001

Note:  Statements included in this description are intended to reflect in general the duties and responsibilities of this job and are not to be interpreted as being all-inclusive.  The employee may be assigned other duties that are not specifically included.


Reports to:                        Gas Superintendent
Subordinate Staff:             None
Other Internal Contacts:     Other Department Employees
External Contacts:             Contractors; Homeowners


Job Summary
Under the immediate supervision of a more experienced worker, the employee assists gas operators with assigned tasks.  Is assigned  progressively more complex duties based on experience and certification levels.


Job Domains

A.   Assistance to Equipment Operators

  1. Spots for backhoe operator; warns when equipment approaches any type of utility lines.
  2. Locates gas lines using pipe horn.

B.   New Pipe Line Construction

  1. Cuts off existing caps and butt fuses new line to existing line.
  2. Lays new line as far as necessary.
  3. Welds fittings (saddles) electrofuses to main line.
  4. Caps end of line.
  5. Places line in ditch up to cap; tests for leaks and then backfills ditch.
  6. Uses stab fittings to connect customer service line to main line, sets risers and attaches to customer service line and riser; checks for leaks.
  7. Buries the service line and sets the meter and regulator.
  8. Checks flow of meter, uses PSI gauge and checks for leaks on the meter set.
  9. Uses CGI machine to detect leaks and reads gauge to determine highest concentrations.
  10. Uses flame pack to detect gas.

C.   Repairing Leaks

  1. Locates leaks using detector and locates valve to shut of gas.
  2. Locates line using pipe horn and uses CGI machine to detect leak.
  3. Locates point of highest gas concentration.
  4. Manually excavates service line.
  5. Squeezes off main line or turns off valve.
  6. Cuts off broken line, prepares surfaces and electrofuses cupplings.
  7. Cuts gas back on and checks for leaks.
  8. Backfills area if joining successful.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
(* Can be acquired on the job)

  1. Ability to communicate with supervisors and co-workers.
  2. Reading skills to understand operator manuals, directives, procedures and instructions.
  3. Skills in basic math to read equipment gauges.
  4. Working knowledge of practices applies in the use of tractors with attachments for right-of-way maintenance operations.
  5. Knowledge of traffic regulations.
  6. Defensive driving skills.
  7. Ability to maintain and service assigned equipment.


Other Characteristics

  1. Ability to work overtime and weekends in emergencies.
  2. Possession of a valid driver’s license.
  3. Certified in butt welding, electrofusion, mechanical fitting, stab cupplings and
    saddle fusion or the ability to become certified within required time period.


For anyone interested in this position, please follow up via email to or contact our city clerk at 205-668-3803 or .